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May 2018


In May 2018, Townecraft Homewares launched an aggressive change management program to transform, restructure and realign its business and the Entrepreneur network.

GLEN ROCK, N.J., March 24, 2019 - For over 72 years Townecraft has strived to ensure that its independent entrepreneur partners are provided with the level of support, guidance and coaching needed to be successful in managing their businesses as independent owner-operators.  Townecraft Homewares is more committed than ever to ensuring its Entrepreneurs are resourced and supported and this includes the oversight and management of teams and downlines.  


In May 2018, Townecraft Homewares launched an aggressive change management program to transform, restructure and realign its business and the Entrepreneur network to create a more cohesive, aligned and competitive organization and market participant. In order to achieve the strategic objectives required in this transformation effort having a strong leadership team in our Entrepreneur network is pivotal. Townecraft Homewares is pleased to announce the appointments of Mr. & Mrs. John Howard, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Younger and Mr. & Mrs. Ana & Marcos G Espinoza to Regional Executive Directors.  


“John, Michael and Ana & Marcos, are the quintessential sales leadership executives having earned the trust and respect of their colleagues, peers and direct down-line reports over the years. Their partnership and commitment to excellence and delivery is second to none. We look forward to continuing our partnership with these leaders and strengthening our regional footprints,” added Rafael A. Ramirez President & CEO of Townecraft Homewares.  “The efforts and delivery of this leadership team is emblematic of how we run our mutual businesses and is a model for our Entrepreneur network. This transformation and change positions Townecraft Homewares to positively disturb the market” he continued.  


With an average tenure of 38 years in Townecraft Homewares, this regional leadership team has exhibited the qualities of trusted team advisors, coaches, mentors, role models and leaders while also delivering vigorously and tenaciously as individual contributors. John is based in Tennessee, Michael in Kentucky and Ana & Marcos in New York City.  


About Townecraft Homewares LLC

Founded in 1947, Townecraft has offered exceptional quality for the value conscious consumer worldwide. Townecraft continues to offer the highest quality American made cookware and related kitchen accessories; finely crafted cutlery, along with air and water purification systems. For over 70 years, Townecraft has met the demand for quality, service and value. All products are backed by exceptional customer service and warranties. Townecraft operates through a global and diverse network of authorized independent entrepreneurs that undergo rigorous product training and are required to uphold the highest of business and integrity standards. Throughout the last seven decades, Townecraft has been committed to providing individuals with opportunity and support to create and grow as small-business owners and achieve personal and professional milestones. Townecraft remains steadfast to that goal and welcomes you to inquire about how you may be able to benefit from this opportunity. In May 2018, Townecraft was acquired by R2 Venture Solutions Inc. and renamed Townecraft Homewares.


R2 Venture Solutions Completes Acquisition of Townecraft Inc. and Subsidiaries

News provided by R2 Venture Solutions Inc.

May 10, 2018, 04:00 ET

GLEN ROCK, N.J., May 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- R2 Venture Solutions Inc., a New York corporation, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Townecraft Inc., and related subsidiaries, including Townecraft's global corporate headquarters facility in Glen Rock, NJ. Effective immediately, Townecraft Inc. will be renamed Townecraft Homewares LLC. All operations and product trademarks will continue utilizing the "Townecraft" global flagship trademark brand.

"For over 70 years Townecraft Inc. has developed a multi-dimensional business with a deep customer base, a world-class reputation for quality home products, superior customer service, and a world-class team. We can build on that track record by leveraging R2 Venture Solutions' diverse portfolio and global network. We are excited to welcome the Townecraft Team to R2 Venture Solutions and getting to work on scaling Townecraft Homewares. Congratulations and many thanks to Ernest Barbaris, John DiMaria and the Townecraft management team," said Rafael A. Ramirez, President and Chief Operating Officer of R2 Venture Solutions Inc.

"My father started Townecraft in 1947 to offer opportunities for ordinary people to be in their own business selling cookware and giving their customer's family the benefits of eating good food cooked in a healthy manner. Over the years we added other products for the home that we believe complimented cookware and stayed true to our firm belief in quality and health. We continued his dream to now and I am thrilled and grateful that we have found someone who will continue my father's dream for another generation. From the moment Ralph and I met I knew he was the person to do that. With an impressive background in financial services on Wall Street and a stellar career as a professional global sales executive I firmly believe he will take Townecraft to new heights with innovation, product, and technology development," added Ernest A. Barbaris President & CEO of Townecraft Inc.

Effective immediately, R2 Venture Solutions' corporate offices will relocate to Townecraft Homewares LLC's Glen Rock, NJ global corporate headquarters and Ralph Ramirez will assume the role of CEO and President of Townecraft Homewares LLC and its affiliate Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions LLC.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The parties were advised by their respective business, financial and legal representatives in the transaction.

About Townecraft Inc.
Since 1947, Townecraft Inc. has been a leading wholesale provider of high-quality American made consumer durable goods including cookware and related kitchen accessories, finely crafted cutlery along with air and water purification systems to value-conscious consumers worldwide.

About R2 Venture Solutions Inc.
R2 Venture Solutions, a holding company, specializes in the acquisition and active management of a diverse multi-sector investment portfolio of companies. R2 has established a strong track record of buying and developing market-leading businesses capitalizing on the deep relationships and trust we enjoy with the owners of, and advisers to, family-owned businesses and industrial operations throughout the US and the Caribbean. R2 focuses on total acquisitions or controlling stakes in market-leading businesses in the consumer durable goods, residential/commercial real estate, industrial, and healthcare/medical equipment sectors - Building Correlation from Independent Variables.

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