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NutriJuice Max

Product#: 809400


The NutriJuice Max™ is a high quality juicing system with 2-speed settings (14,000-18,000 RPM) with an S/S blade. The 3" extra wide feeding chute on this easy to use system provides fresh, healthy fruit and vegetable juice from the comfort of home. The 1 liter juice jar and 2-liter pulp container make the process easy and easy to clean! Plus anti-skid silicon feet lock in tight on any kitchen countertops. 

The NutriJuice Max ™ helps you to: 

  • GET SUPERIOR NUTRITION. One tall glass of fresh juice provides the equivalent benefits of eating several pounds of fruits and vegetables.

  • GET A QUICK ENERGY LIFT. The nutrients contained in a glass of fresh juice are absorbed within minutes, requiring almost no digestion as with solid foods. Feel an immediate energy boost right when you need it.

  • CONTROL YOUR DIET. Low calorie, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, should be included in any weight reduction program to provide vitamin and mineral nourishment while lowering caloric intake. 

  • FEEL AND LOOK BETTER.  Extra nutrients contained in fresh juices are vital in producing a clear and radiant complexion, healthy teeth and gums, strong bones, glowing hair and a vibrant alertness.

  • EASE CHEWING AND DIGESTION PROBLEMS.  An individual with problems such as these can once again enjoy the taste and health benefits of vegetables and fruits by drinking an easy-to-digest liquid.

  • SAVE MONEY. Prepare fresh juices in your own home that are tastier, more nutritious...and cost much less than other juices. 


Ready? Let's get juicing!

Accessories Included:

  • 33.8 OZ Juice Jar

  • 67.6 OZ Pulp Container


    Domestic: 7-year on motor and 1-year on parts

    Warranty is void for use outside of the United States



  • Product Weight: 7.94lbs (3.6Kg)

  • Product Dimensions: L 8.46 x W 8.07 x H 15.4-inches

  • Wattage: 700W Max locked power 1000W

  • Power Supply: AC110-120V / 60Hz

  • Cord/Cable Length: 39 inches (1M)

  • Certified: CE, ROHS, LFGB, ROHS, DGCCRF, ETL, GS, FDA, BSCI, PAH, ERP Materials: Stainless Steel (SUS), Antistatic Plastic (AS)

  • Extra Features:

    • Color, brushed stainless steel finish

    • Built in safety switch system

    • High quality S/S blade/juicing system

    • 2.95 inch chute mouth

    • Anti-skid silicon feet Stainless Steel Spout (S/S 304) 

BlendMix High Performance Blender (Stainless)

Product#: 809300 (Stainless), 809302 (Wine)


The BlendMix blender in the Chef’s Ware line from Townecraft Homewares is a professional heavy duty blender at a substantially lower price than similar blenders on the market. BlendMix provides unmatched quality in a powerful and affordable accessory.


With a high-powered motor, uniquely designed blades, a sturdy, durable jug and easy-to-use controls, BlendMix will quickly become a must-have in your kitchen and replace most of your current kitchen accessories. You don't want to face your next kitchen chore without it!


BlendMix is ​​equipped with a powerful 2 horsepower commercial grade motor, with incredible torque to drive the blade system. Nominal power consumption (of just 950W) is energy efficient ensuring the motor is protected from "burns" as it can eject much more power than required. BlendMix also has an automatic overheat shutdown function to further protect the engine from damage.



The BlendMix 64oz. BPA FREE container is made from Tritan, a proprietary plastic that is free of potentially harmful bisphenol A and is also extremely durable and strong. Tritan is approved and certified by both the FDA and the Underwriters Laboratory program for food safety. It is heat resistant to over 120° C (~ 248 ° F) and extremely durable. The bowl is also cone shaped designed to create a swirling vortex on the blades, pulling the contents towards the blades for a smoother and finer end result.


BlendMix’s "blunt blade system" propels at 30,000 RPM; powerfully  slicing,  dicing  and  pulverizing  produce  in  seconds. It is the absolute power behind the blades which enable them to blend and mix so efficiently, not the sharpness of the blades like other blenders.  This ensures the  quality of blending will never deteriorate or diminish as the blades begin to  blunt. The Chef’s Ware BlendMix will blend and mix with the same high‐quality results you expect for years to come.


BlendMix has simple easy to manage controls of Low, Medium and High along with and 3 automated timers of 35, 60 or 90 seconds. The 3 timer programs automatically adjust their speed and power depending on the ingredients in the jug and blend accordingly. There is also a Pulse button, which allows you to coarsely chop, mix or process ingredients rather than blending.  The Pulse function also allows you to clean the blender virtually in moments. Simply rinse after use, add a small amount of detergent and warm water to the jug and pulse 5‐10 times for a basic clean.

BlendMix's unique design features allow us to confidently offer a 7-year engine warranty.

Ready? Let's start blending!

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