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Offering flexible financing programs that

meet your budget needs! 

  • Easy and convenient

  • Buy now, pay later financing fits your budget

  • Stops automatically when you're paid in full

  • Helps to improve your credit rating


  • Easy application

  • Fast decision

  • Become a Townecraft Preferred Customer

It's easy!


  • Get what you want now

  • Pay for your purchase with budget-friendly, low payments

  • Establish or build your credit history

Contact your authorized Independent Townecraft Dealer to

 learn more about our finance and credit solutions!

Don't have an authorized Independent Townecraft Dealer? Don't worry!

Call 800-977-7687 to find a dealer in your area!

Buy now, pay later!

With Townecraft Finance & Credit Solution's financing programs, you can get what you want now and pay it off later in installments.   


Fits your budget!

Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions creates monthly plans at affordable rates that fit your budget. Pay for your order over 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months*. Build your buying power with on-time payments and strengthen your credit score with Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions programs. There are no prepayment penalties and payments will stop automatically when you're paid in full. Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions reports to Experian and Equifax credit bureaus. 

Fast & easy application process!

Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions offers credit to thousands of people each year. Our application process is easy with a fast decision process. Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions asks a few simple questions and requests credit-history information. Get a quick decision with no minimum required purchase. Also when checking your rate it won't affect your credit score. Once customers apply for an account, the credit approval process works like it does with any other financial institution. After the customer’s credit history has been reviewed a decision is made. Customers who make additional purchases within their approved credit limit have their orders completed without additional review.


Stress free account management!

Once your application has been approved, your order is delivered as quickly as possible, and the order total is charged to your new account. The balance is then automatically billed to your account in equal monthly installments beginning approximately 30 days after the original date. The due date for your account is established by the date of your first billing statement. Going forward payments will be due on the same date each month, beginning approximately 30 days after the first statement is printed. 


Easy to make payments from home (online, phone or mail-in)

After receiving your first billing statement, payments on your account can be made online, by mail or phone. For online payments you can make them through our payment portal. Payments by mail must be addressed to Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions, PO Box 1117 Glen Rock, NJ 07452. Please make sure to mail 10 days prior to the due date to allow for delivery and processing. For payments by phone, call 800-977-7687 to speak to a credit representative.

Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions reserves the right to change or terminate an account at any time for lack of payment. Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions may review your credit report when processing your finance request. Financing requests are subject to credit verification and approval. Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions application process is confidential and your personal information will not be sold to any outside companies. To see if a credit report was requested and get the name and address of the credit reporting agency that conducted the report (if applicable), you may contact the Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions Credit Department at 800-977-7687.

*Note: the interest rate is based on the applicant's state of residence.

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