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For over 72 years, Townecraft Homewares has provided exceptional quality to value conscious consumers all over world with its American made kitchen & home accessories. We take great pride having our products in your home and are so grateful when our customers notice and appreciate our high standards and lengths we go to in order to provide them a  long-lasting, high-quality product.


If you have a story to share, please feel free to send us your thoughts at or mail to us at Townecraft Homewares 1 De Boer Drive, Glen Rock, NJ 07452, Attention: Customer Service - Stories. 

We love hearing our customers and their Townecraft stories! We hope to hear from you too!


Just want you to know I have owned the same TownCraft Chefware pots and pans for the last 50 years. I received them on my 18th birthday and they have traveled with me my entire life, I am now 68 years old! I love them and use them everyday, mostly the 3 pots and dutch oven are me go to pots. I have never bought another pot or pan to replace them. They are still in great condition except for one cover that melted a little bit because it was inverted and I had it on the burner, oops! 


Just want to thank you for making a great product.


Deb C. 



I am trying really hard to get new handles for some pieces of my original Townecraft cookware. I would say we purchased the set around 1984. I think my son was around 10. He is going on 46 this year. Best investment we ever made. They are used almost daily. Sadly, some of the handleshave finally given out and broke off... actually mostly disintegrated after all of the use. Can you please help me out?

Thank you for any info or help.



Just wanted to let you know we all enjoyed last evening. The food was wonderful and everyone had fun besides learning a lot of new things about cookware. Joel was very impressed that you did not do any high pressure sales. I am sure Rose will enjoy her new bakeware.


Hopefully Mary will get a group together at the church soon.

Thank you. 


Thanks so much for the wonderfully prepared meal last Thursday evening at Cindy’s.

We look forward to sharing your demonstration with our circle of friends & associates!!

Warmest Regards, 



Good morning. 

I think you did a wonderful job last night. I hope that is just the start of many more to come. 

Love you.



Dear Sir or Madam,

My husband and I purchased our Townecraft cookware set in 1977 just before we married. It has been the only cookware I have ever owned. I liked it so much that we later bought my mother and father-in-law a set. When my daughter married in 1999, all she wanted for a wedding gift was a set of Townecraft cookware. She grew up using only Townecraft and wanted a set of her own. I, along with several family members pitched in to do just that.


With all that said, let me say we still LOVE our Townecraft and it is till the only set of cookware we own!


However, I recently dropped one of the boiler lids and pieces the black handle broke. I know the cookware is guaranteed for life (one of its strong selling points), but I don’t know how to file for a replacement handle for the lid. I can send you a photo of the broken handle if that would help? Please let me know what I need to do - and thank you again for making and selling such a fine product!


I look forward to hearing from you.


Best Always,

Debra D.

My name is Linda and I live in Pennsylvania. I purchased your basic cookware set in 1975! I had several parties after that! I still have almost all the pieces! I was making dinner tonight and when I got out the biggest pot and saw your name on it! I just had to write to you to tell you that was my first big purchase right before I got married! I also got flatware and I absolutely LOVE your product! Glad to see you are still in business! Goes to prove the quality of your product! Thanks!


Linda W.


Thank you for travelling from Knoxville for us to demonstrate the awesome Townecraft cookware for us! The product hands down is simply fabulous!! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it is pure quality that will stand up to everyday use, and last a lifetime.

The food you prepared was enjoyed and appreciated. The air system was super impressive and desired by all of us! Overall, the evening was delightful and we are so glad to have experienced the phenomenal Townecraft Chef’s Ware!!!

Pattie & Max

This morning, while washing a piece of your cookware, wanted to take a minute of your time to let you know that I have had a set of your cookware for fifty-seven (57) years!  Purchased it from a dealer the year before I was married.  Have been using it all this time.   Have no idea how many others may still have, and use, this cookware from years past.



Irene D.


Good morning.

I have been meaning to send this email for a while but am finally getting around to it. I want you to know how much I have enjoyed my cookware. I bought a set in 1962 and am still using it. 58 years later. Enough though I burned a couple of the pots they still work well. Thank you for making such a good product.

Kristin M.

Dear Townecraft,

I just found my receipt of when
I purchased my Townecraft, it was May of 1974 my soon to be husband bought it for me as a wedding gift. The cookware is still in excellent condition I have only had to replace a lid In the years that I have had it.    


Just wanted to say Thank You for such a great product. My Mom and Mother n law still had theirs to.

Thank You, 

Pam J.


Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we enjoyed your cooking presentation this past Friday night. Thanks for your professionalism and no pressure approach. We will be contacting you soon about scheduling future dinners for church members.

Thanks again and be blessed, 

Fred & Cindy


I just wanted to tell you folks at Townecraft that I am a long- time user of your/ my wonderful pots and pans!  I grew up using my Mom’s Lifetime set which had handle issues AND went out of business many yrs. ago.  The salesman who called on me was very surprised to learn of my “already” knowledge of waterless cooking.  Made his task easier.  I bought the basic set and chose, as my free bonus gift, the electric tureen pan. 


Final note: today, July 18, 2020, is my husband and my 55 wedding anniversary.  I bought my pots in April 1965, in Roch., N.Y.  They have traveled with us from N.Y., to KS., (Army), back to our home state of PA.  My pots look better than I do!  Before long, the husband will be asking; So.. what’s for dinner?..... Keep going. 


Glad you are still doing business.  


M.B. Farrer


Dear Sirs or Madame:

I received my NEW TOWNECRAFT CHEF’s WARE knobs & handles on SUNDAY 13DEC2020.


I’m super pleased with the fast service. Now my TOWNECRAFT cookware has a new lease on life. I know this is the best product on the market for the money. Nobody else has a product that comes close. I’m glad it’s still made in the USA. I purchase products MADE IN USA everywhere I find them. Very HIGH QUALITY. Found (my) paperwork dated 13FEB1986.


So glad I made the choice to purchase the TOWNECRAFT.


D. Abernethy



You sell an awesome product!

It has saved lots of time cooking. Can't seemyself without it!

J. Mayo


Thank you for the prompt service!!

I love my Townecraft cookware!

And have used it for over 20 years! Wouldn't have any other.  : )


Ms. S. Miller


Thank you, I spoke to a pleasant sales Rep. who was quite helpful, and assisted me in purchasing replacement handles. I thank you. We use your kitchenware every day, and this is why we need new handles.

Your Cookware is durable and easy to use and clean. In years to come we may be back for more handles. My wife is an excellent and enthusiastic cook, ( thank God), so we get the use of your fine tools.


Be well!

The Kellys 


Thank you so much for your timely responses, great customer service, and great product that we have enjoyed using for many years.

Regards to all involved.

C. Noles 


I want to thank you guys for my replacement handles!! I was so thrilled to get them.  They fit to perfection!!


Can I call you and order the top knobs/handle that is on top of the lids?

And the handles that are on the sides of the dutch oven?


Thanks again....I'm so glad you're there.  I had no idea after all these years that I could get replacement handles!


S. Davis


I have a set of cookware that we purchased in 1970 - 1972. My husband was stationed at Ft Rucker, AL and we hosted a party. I have used this cookware exclusively since then...


Please help me...... I LOVE this cookware and don’t want to use any other ones. 

Thank you, 

K Axtell 


Hello, My name is Sammy McNeill.


I’m not requesting any replacement parts. Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your products. My wife purchased these pots in 1982. We were engaged and I told her not to spend so much on pots and pans, but she purchased them to put in her hope chest. 

We have used these pots since July 16, 1983. We have raised our two daughters and now we’re grandparents and my wife (Connie) is still using them. They still look new and we’ve never had to replace any part on any of them. 

Funny story; one day my wife came home and started dinner. She noticed three of her pots were missing. Once it was determined that I wasn’t playing a prank, my wife asked the girls if they had seen them. My daughter replied “yes, we use them at our fort me made in the woods”. I walked out there and one had acorns, berries, and pinecones in it. The wife had to explain that those pots stay inside. Lots of good memories around those pots, so today while helping my wife in the kitchen she mentioned that they were 38 years old. I told her I was gonna send the company an email and brag on their product because they deserve it.


To many companies promise quality but once their products are received they’re all but that. Your product is the real deal!



The McNeills


Over 30 years ago I purchased a 7 piece set of your cookware.  I have used it literally every day since purchasing it.  It is by far the ABSOLUTE BEST !

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and inadvertently left the big soup  pot with cover on while I was gone.
My appointment lasted for over two hours... almost three with travel time.

My husband was with me and when we drove up we could hear our smoke alarms going off...we came in to a kitchen full of smoke and the pot on the stove BURNED REALLY BAD..the "soup" in the bottom was charcoal ..unrecognizable!
I told my husband the pot was a total loss and we would have to throw it out.


I WAS WRONG...after checking Google and doing what it said ( boiled distilled vinegar and water ) IT SURVIVED !!

Cleaned up with some serious scouring and looking like new..I made soup again today !

Quality product...Thank you Townecraft !

T. Dykes


Hi, My Dad purchased a set of your cookware from a local guy back in 1975.  


I still have parts of it and need a few handles and will be contacting you soon for them.   I just need to get a few financial things out of the way first.  I do want to say, I have enjoyed using them since I inherited them from my Mom in 1998.


I love the Electric Skillet!  


I use the boilers for all my cooking.  I found your website today and hope to get my order in soon.   


A loyal user,


J.M. King


Hi! Thanks for the handles! Also Thanks for the great product! Have been using them for over 40 years! Still good as new! I appreciate your continuing to provide parts for the cookware! 





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