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Our Guiding Principles

Townecraft Homewares is guided by five core tenets that serve as Our Guiding Principles,

defining who and what we are as an organization.


  • Establishing trust and transparency is at the forefront of how we operate as sales professionals and business owners

  • Our word is our bond! We honor what we commit to and respect and adhere to what we have agreed to

  • Simply put…we are a team that always does the right thing in an honest, fair and responsible  manner with our customers and each other


Our Family, Our Team and Our Customers​

  • We are a broad and diverse family that respects one another

  • We develop, maintain and nurture genuine relationships

  • We go the extra mile to help others achieve their potential and positively impact lives

  • We are committed to providing high quality products

  • Servicing our customers is more important than anything we sell

  • The combination of quality and service bring out the very best in who we are​


& Service

  • Our devotion and service to our customers is at the center of what we do

  • We are steadfast and hold ourselves to a higher standard

  • Our loyalty to our business and Townecraft is enduring



  • Entrepreneurship is at the heart of our business
  • The opportunity that changed our lives is never forgotten

  • We enable and inspire others to challenge themselves and achieve their maximum potential

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