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Our Story

For over seven decades, Townecraft Homewares has been synonymous with better health, better nutrition and family.  Guided by “Our Guiding Principles”, Townecraft is proud to be a part of helping millions of families throughout the world care for themselves, and their loved ones, with healthier home-cooked meals to eat, cleaner filtered water to drink and purified air to breathe. the basic core elements to sustain life. 

Townecraft Chef’s Ware, Total Water Systems and Air Systems product lines, along with other related home products, are unique world class products, and are key tools for families to lead healthier and more nutritious lives.

Since its founding in 1947, Townecraft has been committed to providing individuals with opportunity and support to create and grow as small-business owners. Townecraft remains committed to this goal. We welcome you to inquire about how you may be able to benefit from this opportunity and follow in the footsteps of the nearly 1,200 authorized independent entrepreneurs across the United States, Mexico, Central & South America and the Caribbean that have achieved personal and professional success. 

Townecraft’s Authorized Independent Entrepreneurs work very closely with their customers to offer products based on the customers’ requirements and budgets including offering financing solutions through Townecraft’s affiliate Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions*. 

Integrity, people, quality & service, commitment and enablement define who and what we are, and how we do business at Townecraft Homewares. 

*Townecraft Finance & Credit Solutions LLC, a New Jersey Department of Banking licensed sales finance company, is an affiliate of Townecraft Homewares LLC and a wholly owned subsidiary of R2 Venture Solutions Inc.

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