Product#: 808317

From baking to stir-frying and everything in between, these multi-purpose electric skillets are all you need to prepare dozens of dishes for your family and guests.  The liquid oil core efficiently spreads heat evenly over the entire cooking surface, including the sides!  Foods cook evenly, and because the liquid core retains heat it keeps foods warm while serving too! Available in 10-inch without cover and 12-inch with cover. Includes Townecraft's exclusive Recipe Book. 

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Product#: 808303

The all stainless steel construction makes this culinary piece a must have. The design is perfect for serving right from the utensil making it the perfect piece of cookware for buffets. It's completely immersible and dishwasher-safe once the heat control is removed. The sealed-in liquid oil core spreads heat evenly creating a delectable soup, stew or braised meat among many other things! Includes Townecraft’s exclusive Recipe Book. 

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Product#: 806057

Perfect for grilling foods indoors on it's 12x16-inch cooking surface. It’s made of durable, shining stainless steel. The phenolic handles will always stay cool, so you don’t burn your hands. It’s easy to clean after use and the sleek design will complement the rest of your Chef’s Ware cookware set. Enjoy the taste of summer during those long winters - right in your kitchen!

Getting hungry? Let's start cooking!

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