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NutriJuice Max: Cellulite Reducer

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Cellulite is a cosmetic disorder characterized by the appearance of “orange peel skin” – bumps, lumps, pitting, and deformation of the skin. It affects primarily women. Some of the symptoms associated with cellulite are feelings of tightness, tenderness, and heaviness in the affected areas. The thighs are the prime areas to be affected.

Beneficial Juices

  • Kale, parsley, green pepper, and spinach – sources of vitamin C.

  • Orange, grapefruit, cantaloupe, broccoli, parsley, and cabbage – sources of bioflavonoids.

  • Spinach, asparagus, and carrot – sources of vitamin E.

NutriJuice Max suggested juicing recipes for cellulite reduction:

Evening Regulator

  • 2 apples, seeded

  • 1 pear

Alternate pushing through apple and pear slices through hopper.

Cherie’s Cleansing Cocktail

  • ¼ inch slice ginger root

  • 1 beet

  • ½ apple, seeded

  • 4 carrots, greens removed

Push ginger, beet, and apple through hopper with carrots.

Source: A Guide to the Health Benefits of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juicing: Juicing for Life

Authors: Cherie Calbom & Maureen Keane, 1992 - The Penguin Group

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