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Chef's Ware: Lemon Mint Sauce

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Yields ½ Cup (120 ml.)

  • 9 Inch Chef’s Ware Skillet and Cover


Juice of 2 Lemons

2 Tablespoons Sugar or Honey (30 ml.)

1 Teaspoons Cornstarch (5 ml.)

2 Tablespoons Water (30 ml.)

1 Tablespoon Fresh Mint (15 ml.)


1. In Skillet, heat lemon juice and sugar together over medium heat. Do not boil.

2. Dissolve cornstarch in water and add lemon juice, stirring constantly until well mixed.

3. Add mint and blend well. Cover Skillet and remove from heat. Allow to stand 10 minutes with cover on. Add salt, if desired.


  • Serve while hot over carrots, potatoes, squash, turnips, or any vegetable of your choice.

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