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Chef's Ware: Huevos Rancheros

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Serves 3

  • 11 Inch Skillet

  • 9 Inch Skillet

  • 2 Quart Saucepan and Cover


½ Cup Butter (120 ml.)

1 Medium Onion, diced

3 Cloves Garlic, sliced

1 Red or Green Pepper, diced

1 ½ Cups Peeled, Diced Tomatoes, fresh or canned (360 ml.)

1 10-Ounce Can Hot Enchilada Sauce (300 ml.)

1 ½ Cups Tomato Sauce (360 ml.)

1 Teaspoon Salt (5 ml.)

2 Pinches Oregano

1 4 ½ - Ounce Can Diced Green Chili Peppers (126 grams)

6 Eggs

3 Cups Refried Beans (720 ml.)

6 Corn Tortillas

1 ½ Cups Grated Cheddar Cheese (360 ml.)


  1. In 11-Inch skillet melt butter over medium to medium-high. When butter sizzles add onion, garlic, and green or red pepper. Sauté without covering for about 10 minutes or until onion is tender.

  2. Add diced tomato, enchilada sauce, and tomato sauce as well as salt and oregano. Stir well and simmer just below boiling for 15 minutes. Do not cover.

  3. Add diced green chili peppers (these are hot). Stir to blend chilies with sauce and simmer uncovered for another 10 to 15 minutes. Do not boil.

  4. Drop eggs carefully into sauce. Space them evenly apart so that they don’t run together. Cover and cook for about 10 minutes at low heat or until eggs are set. Yolks should be soft.

  5. While eggs are cooking, heat beans in vegetable unit over medium heat, stirring to help prevent sticking. When beans are hot, cover and set to one side.

  6. Preheat 9-inch skillet over medium heat and cook tortillas one at a time on hot surface. Tortillas will require only 15 to 20 seconds per side. Place two tortillas on each plate.

  7. Spread each tortilla generously with beans. Sprinkle with cheese. Spoon two eggs and lots of sauce over the tortillas and beans. Sprinkle with more cheese and serve.


  • This dish is HOT if the ingredients above are used. Serve extra tortillas and butter at the table to help soak up the hot sauce.

  • Serve as an entrée for Sunday night supper by adding a tossed green salad to the menu.

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