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Your path begins with a few easy steps...

Be a part of a team!

Becoming a Townecraft entrepeneur is easy and flexible, you pick how you want to set up your path to success. Townecraft provides the tools and knowledge so our independent entrepreneurs can pick a strategy that works best to fit their personality and lifestyle. 




Please keep in mind some basic tips when using your Chefco Pro Knifes  

  • Always use caution when handling a sharp object. 

  • Avoid cutting on hard surfaces such as meal, granite, marble, and glass. We recommend bamboo, hardwood, or NSF – certified polymer cutting surfaces.  

  • Do not use any knife to cut through bones; use meat cleaver only when separating joints and small, soft cooked bones. 

  • Hand wash with warm and mild detergent. Rinse and dry immediately. Do not put in the dishwasher.  

  • Avoid cleansers with bleach or citrus extracts.  

  • Do not soak knives in water. 

  • Sharpen as needed. To maintain sharpness, we recommend using a honing steel. 

  • Sharpen knives at home using a whetstone or knife sharpener or have them sharpened by a professional.  

  • Store knives in a safe place to protect edges and prevent injury. Use either the gift box, blade guard or sheath when stored in an open drawer.  

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