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Be a part of the team!

Your path begins with a few easy steps...

Be a part of a team!

Becoming a Townecraft entrepeneur is easy and flexible, you pick how you want to set up your path to success. Townecraft provides the tools and knowledge so our independent entrepreneurs can pick a strategy that works best to fit their personality and lifestyle. 

Care and Cleaning  

It is recommended you Do NOT wash any part of your Food & Vegetable Processor in a dishwasher. 


Hooper: To remove the hopper section for cleaning, hold the base securely and lift hopper section up and to the left. It should slide off the base. Do not immerse, the hopper in water as it may eventually destroy the sealed bearing. Simply wipe the hopper with a damp cloth as directed above. 


Food Guide: To clean food guide simply wipe with a damp, soapy cloth, and rinse with warm water. 


Cutting Cones: Cones are easily cleaned by holding them under warm running water immediately after use. Do not leave cutting cones in water or stack them together when wet. Thoroughly towel – dry the cutting cones immediately after use. As with fine cutlery, the keen cutting edge of the stainless-steel cones may show signs of discoloration or corrosion if not thoroughly towel- dried. If this should occur, simply remove the discoloration or corrosion with a Scotch- Brite or similar mild scouring pad. 


CAUTION: As with any precision cutting instrument, the edges of the cutting cones are very sharp. USE EXTREME CARE WHEN HANDLING. 


Base: The base and suction pad may be wiped with a damp cloth. Occasional cleaning of the suction pad will prevent residue build up and help ensure consistent suction pressure. Do not wash the base or the suction pad in a dishwasher. 

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