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Our Purpose

Townecraft Homewares is committed to offering high-quality homeware products to the value-conscious consumer and remains steadfast to products made in the USA where possible. Through its independent partners, Townecraft Homewares strives to drive better health and nutrition with its customers through the cookware used to cook meals, the water filtration systems used for drinking water and its air purification systems for the air breathed – an educated and healthier lifestyle.

Along with a healthier lifestyle, Townecraft Homewares is proud of its 72+ year direct-selling trajectory and the opportunities it has provided to the thousands of independent entrepreneurs over the years. Providing entrepreneurial opportunities, and the ability to positively change lives remains at the center of what we do and who we are as an organization.  Townecraft Homewares encourages and welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations to consider a direct sales career with Townecraft and create their “American Dream”.

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